Free CCNA Network Fundamentals:

NOTE: This series of videos are taken from my paid CCNA course. I am giving access to it for you for FREE.

This series of videos aims to introduce Networks to you. 

What are the different devices that comprises a LAN and WAN, how it connects together to make everything work.

How all CCNA concepts that is included in the CCNA exam work together, where and why it is used.

After this series, you will have a firm grasp of Networking concepts, and slightly elevate yourself from a CCNA Zero knowledge to a soon-to-be CCNA.

This series is equivalent to the Cisco Network Academy Module 1 – Introduction to Networks.

O diba? Naka-module 1 ka na agad? 😉 

1. CCNA Network Fundamentals - Cost and LAN Speeds

This video explains the importance of Cost towards Network Design.

It also discusses LAN Speeds and how it affects our network.

Why do we need different LAN speeds and the common devices that are available in our Local Area Network.

2. CCNA Network Fundamentals - WAN Speeds

This video explains the importance of WAN Speed towards Network Design.

It also discusses common devices that are used in a Wide Area Network.

3. CCNA Network Fundamentals - Availability

This video explains what is Availabiliy and how it affects our network.

What is the importance of Availability towards Network Design?

How can we improve availability of our Network thru the different devices that we use, what topologies are need, and configurations needed to attain a Highly Available Network.

4. CCNA Network Fundamentals - Scalability and Realibility

This video explains the importance of Reliability, Scalability, Security and Topology towards Network Design.

What they are, and how it affects our network.

Finished with the Network Fundamentals Series?

Do you want to receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your resume?

Study and take down notes from the video.

I will be releasing a Quiz regarding this topic soon. If you pass you would be eligible for a Certificate 😉 


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  1. Avatar
    paul baniqued

    pls patulong po. zero knowledge po ako sa cisco. gusto ko po mtuto. maraming salamat po.

    1. lendgr8t

      Check mo tong blog from time-to-time, I will be uploading more tutorials soon. Yung mga tutorials ko are designed for zero knowledge/no network background. Sali ka din sa study group sa facebook

  2. Avatar
    Jun Retuyq

    Hi mam len. Pasali din ako dito sa study group ninyo at gusto kompo matuto ng ccna at makakuha ng certificate para po makapagtrabaho sa IT field. Thank you very much…

  3. Avatar
    Invensor Balacano

    Mam pasali po ako.. Gusto ko po matuto at magkaroon ng cisco certification graduate po ako ng computer science last 2010 at gusto ko po mag take ng cisco para makahanap ng mas magandang work.. Thank you

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