You are currently viewing Using Network Simulators for your CCNA Study – GNS3 Installation
Using Network simulators for your CCNA Study - GNS3 Installation

Using Network Simulators for your CCNA Study – GNS3 Installation

In this video I will discuss the significance and advantage of using Network Simulators in studying for your CCNA and how to install GNS3.

Using Network simulators is the most cost effective way to build hands-on skills using Cisco routers and Switches.

Everything that you can do and configure in a real Cisco Router can also be configured in GNS3.

All course topics inside the CCNA curriculum can be done and configured in GNS3.

The best thing is, since it is simulator based, you can add as many routers and connections that your computer will allow (considering the amount of RAM your PC has, since a GNS3 router consumes memory) for you to simulate and configure full-blown topologies.

GNS3 is also the tool used by seasoned network engineers and administrators to test network environments and configurations before they implement them in their production networks.

This is a very powerful tool that you can use in your CCNA study.

This is also the same tool that you will use when you study up to achieve your CCNP, even your CCIE!

The best thing is – this is free to download. You don’t have to pay anything to have your own CCNA Lab at home.

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