You are currently viewing Interested to Become a CCNA in the Philippines? What to choose? CCNA Bootcamp or Online Course? Which is better?

Interested to Become a CCNA in the Philippines? What to choose? CCNA Bootcamp or Online Course? Which is better?

Torn between enrolling in a CCNA Bootcamp or Online Course? How to choose? Which is better?

Acquiring your CCNA certification needs a lot of consideration. And finding the most suitable training medium for you is one the main concerns. There are actually 2 options for you – it’s either you attend a CCNA Bootcamp training or enroll in a Sef-study Online course (like the one I offer ).

But, what are the advantages and disadvantages of both? Which is better for you? a Bootcamp Training? Or an online course?

This is my honest take on what can you expect if you take a CCNA bootcamp training versus a CCNA Self-study online course.


Sa mga nagtatanong kung ok ba mag-bootcamp o mag-self-study na lang kaya?

Ano ba yung advantages and disadvantages nilang dalawa?

Anong type of training yung bagay sayo?

Anong type of training will give you your money’s worth?

Ano ba yung mga kailangan mong i-consider when deciding?

Before I was a teacher - I was a student. Yung mga pinag-iisipan ninyong mga bootcamp centers it's either na-enrollan ko na yan dati or may first-hand feedback ako galing sa mga previous students nila.

I’ve been with the training industry for 10 years and alam ko kung ano yung pasikot-sikot, marketing gimmick and style ng mga bootcamp centers. 

Hindi lang pera yung ini-invest mo when you enroll, may kasama dyang time and effort. Sa panahon ngayon, you need to be smart and vigilant. You need to research. Ask questions. Alamin mo yung mga options mo. Don’t just enroll in a training center/online course kasi sinabi namin na maganda. You need to decide for yourself.

I’ve heard so many nightmare stories on some bootcamps. Some are so bad that students are demanding refunds on the first day (syempre hindi binigay sa kanila). 

Some bootcamps yung instructor nagba-basketball sa labas habang nagko-configure yung mga students sa training room.

Some bootcamp instructors insult students na hindi makasunod (that’s why don’t enroll in one if you have zero knowledge). 

Marami pang stories dyan. Hirap na lang banggitin.

That’s why when you ask questions sa mga groups or forums kung saan maganda mag-enroll, most of them will tell you na mag-self-study ka na lang.

 Why? Malamang nag-bootcamp yung mga yun – they are just too polite to say na hindi maganda yung experience nila (which is common to us Filipinos).

So, bago ka mag-decide na iabot sa kanila yung hard-earned 25k mo. Panoorin mo muna to. Then decide which training is best for you.


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